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Tax Planning

Taxes can be one of the biggest burdens on Americans and their investment returns. Having a proactive tax strategy not only ensures that you are not excessively exposed to taxes today, but also that you will minimize the damage that can be done in the future as well.

Our Areas of Service Include:

  • Cost basis review & analysis
  • Tax-managed investments strategies
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Optimal tax strategies
  • Identifying AMT issues
  • Roth Conversions
  • QCDs
  • Retirement and HSA deductible contributions
  • Tax diversification strategies
  • Itemized deduction review
  • Tax law changes and projections
  • Investment cost basis research and reporting
  • Employee stock options basics, ISOs, NSOs, and planning strategies
  • Tax implications of various stock plans – Restricted, phantom, SARs, ESPP
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation programs
  • Income taxation of life insurance and Annuity products

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